Septembet 30

1876: Death of Father Albert

He was a great friend and benefactor of Don Bosco and his Oratory, right from the beginning. In fact, Father Albert preached the first spiritual retreat to Don Bosco’s boys in May 1847. He founded the Institute of the Sisters of the Immaculate. More than anyone else, Don Bosco felt the loss of his dear friend. (Father Albert) was putting the finishing touches on a painting of his on the ceiling of a chapel that had been built for a summer camp for his festive oratory. He missed his footing and fell some twenty-seven feet, striking his head on a pile of huge stones and lying there unconscious…” There was not a thing, (said Don Bosco) he could do for us which he did not do immediately and willingly. When we had problems at Lanzo, we always turned to him. Several times when we had no preacher on the very eve of a retreat, we would ask him and he would willingly and zealously accept….for Lanzo and for us this is a very sad loss.”(BM XII, 344-345)

1884: Seed-plot of vocations

on Bosco dreamt that he was going to Castelnuovo in the company of an elderly priest. Their conversation was on priests. At a certain point the older priest said: “work, work, work! this must be the glory of the priests. If all priests were to be real priests, that would be enough…” -“What should we do to promote vocations?” -“Nothing other than cultivate morality. Morality is the nursery of vocations.” -“What should the priests do to make their vocation fructify?” -“Let them learn to govern and sanctify their own household….” (cfr. MB XVII, 383)

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