September 8

1848: Hosts multiplied

On a solemn feast day, probably the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, some six hundred boys wanted to receive Holy Communion. Joseph Buzzetti, the sacristian had forgotten to put a full ciborium on the altar for consecration at Mass. As Don Bosco began giving Holy Communion, he was distressed by the small number of Hosts for such a large crowd. Saddened at the thought that so many boys would be unable to receive Our Lord into their hearts, he raised his eyes to heaven and then went on distributing Holy Communion, Poor Buzzetti meanwhile, kneeling nearby, deeply regretted the mistake that caused such displeasure to Don Bosco. Imagine Don Bosco’s wonder, and Buzzetti ‘s as well, when the Hosts did not diminish in number. Without breaking them, Don Bosco was able to give Communion to all the boys. (BM III, 312)

1855: Cholera patient in the attic

On September 8, Dominic Savio called at that house and asked her (maid servant) .employer: “Is there anyone sick here with cholera?” “No, thank God,” the man replied. “Are you sure?” Dominic insisted. “Look, my boy, you must have come to the wrong place. There’s no one sick in this house.” The man sounded so positive that Dominic left, but after looking around for a while, he finally returned. “Please, search very carefully, because there must he a sick woman in this house” he told the man. Together they went from room to room all the way up to the attic where – to the man’s dismay and amazement – the poor woman lay huddled up in her last agony. While resting in that room she had suddenly become ill without being able to call for help. Her employer thought that she had gone home as usual. A priest came promptly, and the poor woman was still able to make her confession and receive the Anointing of the Sick before breathing her last in the grace of God. (BM v, 219-220)

1867: Freed of the devil

After night prayers Don Bosco spoke to the boys about the possessed woman of Acqui, stressing how she had finally been freed of the devil on the feast of Mary’s Nativity. He ended up by saying “My dear children, if Our Lady does so much for the body, believe me, She will do much more for our soul, if we ask Her…. Let us therefore often invoke Her in our temporal and spiritual needs, particularly in time of temptation, by saying, ‘Mary Help of Christians, pray for us’.” (BM VIII, 403)

1879: Under Mary’s mantle

On December 1, while Don Bosco was at SanBenigno for a few days with the members of the General Council, he narrated a dream he had on September 8, regarding the salesian houses of France. It was the time when we were beginning to fear for religious congregations. Indeed, since the Jesuits had already been expelled, it was certain that the others would have the same fate. I feared for our own houses in France, praying and asking others to pray, and then one night, as I slept, I saw the Blessed Virgin Mary standing aloft before me very much like the statue of Mary, Help of Christians stop the dome. She wore a huge mantle spreading wide about Her, beneath which were sheltered all our houses in France….
The monsters, lightning bolts and shelling were aimed at our Salesians who huddled beneath Mary’s mantle, but of all those who were under the protection of such a powerful defender, not one was hurt. The missiles kept hitting the mantle and falling to the ground… the Blessed Virgin Mary kept saying, I love those who love me. Little by little the storm abated… (BM XIV, 487-488) When other religious were sent out of France, the Salesians remained there without any difficulty. (cfr.. 29 March 1880)

1911: First International Congress of Past Pupils

This was held under the presidency of Father Albera at Turin. (cfr. ” Boll. Sal.” 1911, p.261, 289) 

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