September 7

1857: Message from Our Lady

Our Lady assisted Don Bosco constantly not only in the growth of the Oratory, but also quite tangibly in the spiritual progress of his pupils. Here is an amazing fact from the Biographical Memoirs. On the eve of the feast of Our Lady’s Nativity (September 7, 1857), a young student named Joseph Zucca was in bed with a fever in his dormitory. Suddenly the Blessed Virgin appeared at his side, looking indescribably loving and majestic. This house is very dear to me,” she said, “I have come to tell you what 1 want each boy to do. You shall then make •it known privately to each
355 of your companions, especially to those who who sleep in this dormitory.” After giving him some advice for himself, She went from bed to bed, lingering a few moments at each of them and leaving a message for each boy. When She came to the bed of a boy named (Lawrence) Gastaldi She said: “Tell him in My name to go to confession immediately because he has not received the sacraments since Easter.” Returning to Zucca’s bedside, She added: “Give this message to Don Bosco and tell your teacher this from me.” She then vanished. (BM V, 476) 

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