September 5

1877: First General Chapter

The first General Chapter of the Salesian Congregation, as prescribed by the Holy See, was to be held three years after the definitive approval of the constitutions, and thereafter every third year. Don Bosco had given a great deal of thought to this first general chapter, but spoke of it only on April 21, 1877. “Since this is our first general chapter,” he said to some superiors, “and we must send its proceedings to Rome, I want it to be as solemn as possible. It will give our Congregation a new look… It will be a giant step! …. I want this chapter to make history in our Congregation,” he stated, “so that by my death all our affairs will have been settled and organized.” (BM mil, 177)

1923: Death of Father Pistamiglio

He was a pupil at the Oratory at the time of Don Bosco. Celestine Pistamiglio owed his vocation to Don Bosco’s words addressed to him, “I too need you!” (cfr. “Boll.Sal.” 1923, p.307)

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