September 6

1867: Not knowledge but Virtue

After supper on September 6, some Salesians were talking with Don Bosco about two talented clerics who had left the Oratory and their priestly vocation. The saint commented: “I even told them that if they followed my advice they would go on safely…well, one of them left because of gluttony. He could never take our food.” Felix Alessio, a young cleric interrupted him: “With their degrees in literature they could now he a credit to the Oratory if they had not left!” Then Don Bosco remarked emphatically: “The Oratory’s glory must not he sought only in knowledge, but rather in piety. A virtuous, humble Salesian with ordinary intelligence will do much more good and accomplish greater things than a more talented but proud one. Not knowledge, but virtue, turns out saints. I told one of them, ‘If you want to succced, make ageneral confession and put down your pride.’…” (BM VIII, 399)

1936: Sister Carmen Moreno, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 51, a religious for 28 years – martyred at Barcelona, cause introduced on December 15. 1953. (cfr. cpB, 341)

1936: Sister Amparo Carbonell, Martyr (Spanish)

-aged 43, a religious for 13 years -martyred at Barcelona, cause introduced on December 15, 1953. 

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