September 4

1868: Unwilling yet made her confession!

In the “Good Night” Don Bosco said: A few days ago a woman lay critically ill in a hospital but refused to make her confession. As her condition worsened, some friends suggested that she call for Don Bosco. “I don’t care who comes,” she replied. “I will not make my confession.” When I reached the hospital, they told her of my arrival. “I’ll make my confession when I’m well,” she replied. “But Don Bosco will make you well.” “Let him do that first, and then I’ll confess my sins.” Ignoring her words, I offered her a medal of Mary, Help of Christians, on a chain. To the surprise of the bystanders, she took it and put it around her neck… she blessed herself and then began her confession. Later she remarked joyfully: “I can’t believe it! I made my confession when I had set my heart against it”…Let us therefore put all our trust in Mary. (BM IX, 159)

1883: Geological dream

Don Bosco narrated to the General Chapter his dream-vision of 30th August. In the company of Luigi Colle the saint travelled by train through South America. Luigi gave him several geological data regarding the mineral contents of the Cord igliera mountains: a rich deposit of coal, lead, silver, gold etc. He gave also other astronomical and metereological information, as well as information regarding the flora and fauna of the country. All on a sudden Don Bosco found himself in the field of apostolate of the salesians. He saw Father Lago (ex-pharmacist, +14 March 1914) who was ripening green figs with a bath in blood and water. This indicated the work and sufferings the salesians would have to undergo. The vision contained also many prophecies, some of which have already been fulfilled. The sufferings of the missionaries referred to the martyrdom of some of them (29 August 1920, 25 February 1930 and 1 November 1934). Argentina started production of petroleum in 1907 and Brazil in 1952, precisely from the spot seen by Don Bosco in the dream. In 1901 the first metereological Observatory was .founded in the Salesian school of Cuyaba. Today it has several other subsidiary stations, all entrusted to salesians.
It may also be noted that Don Bosco had foreseen the new capital of Brazil, Brasilea, which was inaugurated in 1960. In fact, the first chapel of the new city is dedicated to Don Bosco. (cfr.MB XVI, 385)

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