September 27

1848: Rosary Chapel at Becchi

Don Bosco obtained permission to erect a chapel in one of the rooms of his brother Joseph’s house at Becchi. On September 27, 1848, the vicar general, Canon Philip Ravina, acting in the absence of the archbishop, appointed Father Anthony Cinzano, pastor and vicar forane, to bless the chapel…further more the pastor had the perpetual right to conduct church services in this chapel… On October 8, 1848, Father Cinzano blessed the chapel, which was dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. (BM III, 314)

1860: Martyrs for the Pope

Cleric Cagliero defended the Pope against a former teacher of his at Castelnuovo. On September 27, for example, the cleric John Cagliero, after leading a group of boys to Becchi, went to visit his mother at Castelnuovo. He later described what happened: “While I was at Castelnuovo, a former teacher of mine, a priest, upheld and defended the government for its invasion of Marche and Umbria, adding, too, that the Pope, without harm to religion, could very well leave Rome and transfer his residence to Jerusalem or anywhere else. Thus, Italy could he united and independent. I did not remain silent. 1 opposed him so heatedly that, the next day, believing I had been disrespectful, 1 apologized. Waiving apologies, he said, ‘I sympathize with you. Don Bosco so works you up for the Pope that the whole lot of you would not hesitate to be martyrs for him’.” (BM VI, 435)

1876: Unia’s general confession

At the end of the retreat Michael was not ready to make his confession. Don Bosco told him that he would say all his sins and that Michael had only to answer “yes” to all he said. Then Don Bosco proceeded to unfold his entire life, detailing the circumstances and numbers of his failings with such exactness that Uni a, well over twenty-four years old, was dumbfounded… (Don Bosco proceeded) “One Sunday, when you were twelve years old, you were in the choir of your parish church for vespers. Your cousin was beside you, asleep, with his mouth wide open. Seizing the opportunity, you took a plum from your pocket and dropped it into his mouth, so that the poor fellow almost choked…”(Bm XII, 334)

1956: Death of Archbishop Piani

He was 81 years old and was a salesian for 65 and a priest for 58. He came into contact with Don Bosco in October 1887 he later received the cassock from the hands of Blessed Michael Rua. When still young he was sent to Uruguay as a missionary. After ordination he became Director of novices, later Provincial of Mexico, and Delegate Apostolic in the Philippines. After the persecutions in Mexico he became the Delegate apostolic there. He died in 1956. (cfr. “Boll.Sal.” 1956)

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