September 23

1866: The last brick

When the dome was completed Don Bosco mailed an invitation to benefactors and friends to attend the ceremony of the laying of the last brick on September 23 at 2.30 in the afternoon. (BM VIII, 212)

1866: Tomatis to be a salesian

Don Bosco had foretold that his student Dominic Tomatis would become a salesian and live long. But towards the end of his last course, Tomatis forgot Don Bosco’s advice and decided to become a Jesuit like his uncles. He went to make his confession to Don Bosco who convinced him to become a salesian. “On Sunday, September 23, Tomatis received the cassock. From that moment on he had no more doubts about his vocation, despite difficulties and disappointments. For the past thirty-seven years he has been a Salesian missionary in South America. It is remarkable, too, how Don Bosco’s prediction about Tomatis’ long life came true, not withstanding his many brushes with death.” (BM VIII, 214)

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