September 22

1852: Michael Rua a boarder

After frequenting the Oratory for a few years as an extern member Michael decided to join Don Bosco at the Oratory. “On September 22 (1852), Michael Rua entered the Oratory of St. Francis of Sales as a resident student after consulting rather Cafasso, as Don Bosco had suggested. The great affection Rua had felt for Don Bosco the very first time he had met him k increasing as, with the passing of time, he was better able 10 appreciate Don Bosco’s saintliness and achievements. The day after his arrival at the Oratory, Rua went to Becchi with Don Bosco, Mamma Margaret, and twenty-six other boys,. (BM IV, 334)

1868: Death Foretold

The Exercise for a Happy death was held the first week of September. On the ninth, John Baptist Bonetti, 18, a blacksmith apprentice of Carpignano Novarese, became seriouly ill and had to he taken to SS.Maurice and Lazarus Hospital at Porta Palazzo, not far from the Oratory. He was obviously the third youth who, in Don Bosco’s dream, was supposed to die in a place nearby. (BM IX, 163)

1936: Cleric Stephen Cobo, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 31, a salesian for 11 – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 19, 1956 (cfr. CDB, 357)

1936: Fredrick Cobo, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 18 – salesian pupil – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 19, 195( (cfr. CDI3, 358)

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