September 21

1833: Ordination of Cafasso

Joseph Cafasso, born in January 1811, of good and well-to-do parents, was a model of virtue. His docility, obedience, aloofness from the world, love of study and piety delighted his parents and teachers. He had two outstanding traits: recollection and an almost irresistible impulse to do good to all. (UM 1, 138-39) “On Ember Saturday, September 21, after a spiritual retreat under the direction of Canon Coffin°, the saintly Joseph Cafasso was ordained a priest in Moncucco. The following day he celebrated his first Mass at Castelnuovo amid the feasting and rejoicong of the townsfolk… (BM I, 209)

1879: Salesians to stay on In France

The government of France issued two decrees on March 29, 1 Ma The first mandated the expulsion of the Jesuits from all their houses and shut down of all their educational facilities; the. econd ordered all unauthorized religious congregations to apply for government recognition within three months under penalty of expulsion. The abominable decree began to be enforced on June 30. At four in the morning of that day, all through France, police and military forced their way into the Jesuit houses, breaking down doors and physically evicting the religious…(cfr.ilm XIV, 475-76) On September 21 (1880), the superior chapter (now General Council) held its meeting at Sam pierdarena. When, during that session, the discussion centered on the expulsion of religious from France, one of the members asked Don Bosco if the Salesians would also be driven out. Certainly under the influence of this dream (the one he had about the time of the feast of Our Lady’s Nativity), Don Bosco firmly answered: “No, no, no!” (BM XIV, 487 footnote)

1886: Don Bosco dead?

Don Bosco received at Valsalice a telegram from the newspaper La Croix of Paris, seeking information regarding the death of the superior of the salesians. His death was announced in France. (cfr.MB XVIII, 205)

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