September 2

1868: Boys fervent and less fervent

In the “Good Night” Don Bosco spoke as follows: “Imagine that you see me coming through the main entrance, walking up here and facing a majestic Lady who holds a ledger in Her hands. Without my saying a word, She hands it to me and says: ‘Read!’ I take it and read the title, Novena of Mary’s Nativity. Then I open the book and see in letters of gold, on the very first page, the names of a very few boys. The second page bears a somewhat longer list of boys’ names in ordinary ink. All the other pages arc blank….The ledger contains the names of the boys making the novena. Those very few toys listed in gold letters arc those who arc making it fervently. The rest arc those who arc making it with less fervour….I believe that the long walks we had (during the past festivi ties) so distracted these boys that they can no longer pull themselves together…” (BM IX, 158)

1922: Death of Coadjutor Testa

When he was at the Oratory of Turin Don Bosco told him that he was destined for a salesian school at Montevideo, though the Congregation had no foundation in that country yet. When the first salesian house was opened in that city, Mgr. Lasagna invited him to form part of the team. In fact, Brother Filippo Testa was the very soul of the first Technical school in Montcvideo.(cfr. “Boll.Sal.” 1923, 140) 

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