September 16

1850: Confession of coachman

On September 16, 1850, Don Bosco did go to Stresa. It was a business trip, to be sure, but he also wanted to take a closer look at the Rosminian rules and at the observance of religious discipline in the principal house of the congregation which was also the novitiate. Arriving at Santhi shortly before midnight, he heard the confession of the coachman; then, after passing through Vercelli and Novara, he got off at Arona (on Lake Maggiore). (BM IV, 89)

1854: Cholera victims helped

The help given by the Oratory boys under Don Bosco’s leadership was so praiseworthy as to deserve special mention in the leading Turin newspaper L ‘Armonia. “Moreover, Don Bosco persuaded fourteen of his boys to volunteer. their services to the Health Department for work in the medical centres or in private homes. They were sufficiently trained to offer spiritual and material assistance. Inspired by Don Bosco’s example, whom they regarded more as a father than a superior, they bravely went to the aid of the sick….Besides the fourteen volunteers, Don Bosco had a reserve of thirty stand-bys similarly trained who were always ready to join their companions.

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