1815: Feast of Mary Help of Christians

1815: Feast of Mary Help of Christians

In memory of his liberation on this day, Pope Pius VII issued a decree instituting the feast of Mary, Help of Christians on 24 May. (cfr. “Sal. Boll.” 1915, March-September).

1868: Priest God’s Minister

During a retreat Don Bosco was preaching to the confreres, he spoke on the priesthood and on fidelity to the Congregation: “A priest is God’s minister, not a merchant. A priest is one who should strive to save souls, not make money for himself. Then, let no one ever say to himself, I will stay just a while in the Congregation, may be three years. Such a man would be guilty of downright theft before God and the Congregation…. Let us therefore do as Our Saviour says. No one who is putting his hand to the plough should look back, for such a one would become unworthy of the kingdom of heaven. Be stout-hearted, then! Let us all consecrate ourselves to the Lord, but entirely, with no reservations.” (BM XII, 324).

1936: Cooperator Teresa Cejudo, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 46 – martyred at Pozoblanco, cause introduced on January 16, 1956. (cfr, CDB, 351).

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