September 12

1683: Battle of Vienna

The Christian forces under John Sobjeski invoking the name of Mary fought the Turks at Vienna (Austria) and routed them. To commemorate that important event, Pope Innocent XI instituted the feast of the Holy name of Mary and founded, a year later, the confraternity of Mary Help of Christians. (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” 1883, p.145; 1956,p.411)

1856: Dominic Savio’s scapular

With Don Bosco’s permission once Dominic Savio went home to see his sick mother. He embraced her and placed around her neck a little scapular of Our Lady and returned Turin. After the visit the mother felt
much better and the family was blessed with a child. (cfr. Vita di D S di SGB, p.163)

1858: You will be a Priest

To a young student Don Bosco said: “One day you will be a priest.” The boy did not like it at all, for he felt rather disinclined to the priesthood and made this clear to his friends. “Fifteen years since his first talk with Don Bosco, the same young man, now a priest, caught up with Don Bosco as he was on his way on foot to San Vito (in the hills of Turin). He stopped up to him and joined him without introducing himself. As they walked and conversed freely, Don Bosco suddenly stopped and, looking at him, said: “You are the young man I told fifteen years ago that he would become a Priest! Right?” “Yes!” Coccone replied, astonished. In God’s plans this Priest was destined to do much good in the prison apostolate. (BM vi, 24)

1884: The Coat-of-arms

The Coat-of arms of the Salesian Society was officially accepted by the General Council. The brilliant star, the anchor and the heart surmounted by flames symbolize the theological virtues. There is also the picture of St. Francis of Sales, patron of the Society. The mountains symbolize the heights of perfection to which we must tend. The wood (forest) reminds us of they Founder (Bosco). The palm and the laurel are symbols of the reward for a life of sacrifice and virtue. The motto Da mihi animas, coetera toile, is the ideal of every Salesian. (cfr. MB XVII, 365)

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