September 10

1861: No more Exercise for a happy death

Father Ruffino asked Don Bosco about the one who he predicted wow:. not make it again. Don Bosco replied: it won’t be long before I’ll be able to tell you. He was at the Oratory when I spoke that way, but not even then did he make the Exercise for a Happy Death. However, there is more to say: in a dream I saw the boys making it, but several were missing from church, including him. He was outside sewing a shroud. ‘What are you doing here?’ I asked. ‘I am sewing a sheet to wrap myself in,’ he replied. ‘Why don’t you join your companions? They are in church making the Exercise for a Happy Death!’ won’t make it anymore!’.” (BM VI, 604)

1870: Don Bosco foresaw the future

Countess Felicity Cravosio had three sons in the army and she was afraid that they would be called to combat the Holy Father in Rome. Don Bosco allayed her fear. In this regard she wrote to Father Rua: “In 1870 when our government was preparing to seize Rome, I had three sons in the army and feared that one or all of them might be sent to combat the Holy Father. I rushed to confide my fears to Don Bosco..,.. (he) smiled as usual, saying: ‘You must pray, but do not worry. None of your sons will have to do anything against the Pope or enter Rome in this instance.’ As things developed, the units to which Vincent and Caesar belonged were not given marching orders…. Theophilus… my young officer arrived home that same evening on a two-month furlough he had not even requested… Don Bosco’s words were prophetic.” (BM Ix, 437)

1885: Friendly talk

In a meeting of the General Council, Don Bosco reminded the Rectors of the great importance of the friendly talk saying that it was the key to the success of a house and of the whole Congregation. (cfr. MB XVII, 665) 

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