January 10

1816:Make good confessions
A boy had repeatedly kept back a sin in confession. He decided to make a general confession, but concealed the sin again. Don Bosco asked him: “When will you make your general confession?’ “I’ve made it already.” “You must not say that.” “Yes, Father, I made it the day before yesterday to Father Picco”. “Nonsense, lad. You made no general confession. Tell,me: Why did you keep back this sin?…” The youngster hung his head and tears welled in his Sobbing, he went to the sacristy and made a most comforting confession. (BM VI, 485)
1868:Almsgiving and Providence
Don Bosco gave the only lira he had at the moment to a beggar, requesting him to recite a ‘Salve Regina’ in the church of the consolata that the Madonna might send him some help. Then they parted. An hour later, as he was on his way home, a person handed him (Don Bosco) a package postmarked ‘Rome’ without telling him of its contents. Don Bosco thought it contained holy pictures. Upon opening it, however, he found 1600 lire in bills! They came in very handy to pay some overdue debts. (BM IX, 29)

1879:Death Predicted
Writing to Father Barberis from Marseille, Don Bosco predicted the death of one of the novices. God bless you all and may He grant you all the grace of a good life and a happy death. May He grant it especially to the one whom I will not see again when I return to the Oratory. (Bm XI V, 13) N.B. The one whom Don. Bosco would not see again on his return was Father Remondino, a novice who died on Feb. 1st,

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