February 27

1848: No politics

Marquis Roberto d’ Azeglio invited Don Bosco and his boys for the political parade in piazza Vittorio Emmanuele but the saint declined the offer, saying: “Kindly forgive me if I do not attend the coming celebrations with my boys. Ask me to help out in some project where a priest can exercise his ministry, and you will find me ready to sacrifice myself and all I have… I have made up my mind to keep aloof from anything that smacks of politics. Never for, nor against.” (BM III, 206)

1848: Any sacrifice for the rosary

Marquis d’Azeglio was of the opinion that too much time was being wasted on lengthy prayers at the Oratory, especially in reciting the rosary. But Don Bosco told the Marquis emphatically: “Well, that practice means a lot to me. I would say that my whole undertaking is based on it. I wouldn’t mind giving up many other important things, but not this. If it should become necessary, I would sacrifice even your very valuable friendship rather than abandon the recitation of the rosary”….the marquis took his leave and from that day on had no further dealings with Don Bosco. (BM III, 207)

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