1571: Victory At Lepanto

Feast Of The Holy Rosary

It was instituted by St. Pius V in memory of the victory of Christiansover the Turks in their naval battle, obtained through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Rom. Mart.)

1571: Victory At Lepanto

The Christian forces under Don John of Austria won a stupendous naval victory over the Turks at Lepanto. This prevented the Turks from spreading their heresy in the West. In remembrance of this event St. Pius V inserted the invocation, “Mary help of Christians, pray for us” in the litany of Loreto. He also instituted the feast of the Holy Rosary to be celebrated on the first Sunday of October (now 7th of October). (cfr. CDB, 383)

1837: Cleric Bosco’s First Sermon

While John was happily spending his vacation in manual work, studying, tutoring and gathering boys on Sundays for church services and recreation, he received one day an invitation to preach on Our Lady of the Rosary in the neighbouring village of Alfiano. With his pastor’s consent and offer of assistance, he accepted, and for the first time he ascended the pulpit, happy to dedicate the first fruits of his preaching to the Blessed Virgin who had shown herself to him as mother and guide. (BM I, 318)

1865: Death Of Father Alasonatti

“Don Bosco, well aware of Father Alasonatti’s qualifications for the important and arduous task he intended to entrust to him, asked him to come and share his work at the Orato y ry as prefect. The onl things Don Bosco could offer him in return were much work and littler est, many inconveniences, few comforts, a life of poverty, self-denial and sacrifice, food and clothing, and, in the name of God, a rich crown of glory in heaven. This resembled the invi to ti on extended by Our Savior to Peter and John. Shortly after his oral invitation, Don Bosco also wrote him a letter. Father Alasonatti read it in his little room, raised his eyes to heaven as if trying to ascertain God’s will, glanced at the crucifix, bowed his head, and accepted.” (Bm V, 45) -Aug. 14, 1854 Alasonatti came to Valdocco -August 1855 took his vowsprivately -Dec. 18, 1850 one of the founding fathers of the new society was appointed Prefect General according to the the express wish of Don Bosco -May 14, 1862 took his vows publicly Oct. 7, 1865 received the heavenly reward Don Bosco had promised him in the name of God

1869: Arab Lads At The Oratory

Two Arab lads of the Kabili tribe, who lost their parents during the great drought-induced famine that had orphaned thousands of unfortunate children, were expected from Algeria. Archbishop Charles Lavigerie had rescued hundreds of them, even by buying them in slave markets, to give them a Christian education. He had also asked Don Bosco to take into the Oratory a few who had resisted all his attempts to educate them. Don Bosco obliged, and the archbishop sent these two twelve-year-olds, Ali and Caruby, who were as yet unbaptized. (BM IX, 348)

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