October 5

1862: Don Bosco’s watchfulness

An amazing incident occurred during the annual outing of the oratory boys. “One of the pupils wandering alone into the nearby woods, quite unexpectedly came upon a foul-mouthed person. The lad was stunned and could scarcely believe his ears. Suddenly, he dis-tinctly heard his name called twice…he quickly realized the danger he had run into and who had saved him. He went to Don Bosco who was surrounded by a crowd of boys. As Don Bosco fixed his gaze on him with a knowing smile, the boy knew for certain that Don Bosco had seen everything. (BM VII, 161)

1879: Bishop’s life for Don Bosco

When Bishop Galletti of Alba heard that Don Bosco was seriously sick he fell to his knees and tearfully exclaimed, “Lord, if you seek a victim, here I am, but please spare Don Bosco!” He then wrote Don Bosco a most moving letter, and after commending his vital and providential mission, he added: “I have offered my own life to the Lord, that He may spare you for the sake of so many poor boys and the Church’s good.” He stated the same to Father John Cagliero: “My Life is worth little or nothing. Don Bosco’s is not only precious, but most useful to the welfare of the Church! Compared to his, my life has utterly no value. He is a saint, and saints, we know, are in this world for good reasons.” (BM x, 137) Others who offered their life for Don Bosco were: Fr. Pestarino (+15 May 1874) and Luigi Gamarra (+ 10 November 1878). 

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