1876: Fidelity To The Vocation

1835: Time Passes Quickly For The Cheerful

Don Bosco entered the major seminary of Chieri on this day. He himself has described the event as follows: “I paid my respects to my superiors, made my bed, and with my friend Garigliano, who had also donned the ecclesiastical habit, I had a look at the dormitories, the corridors and finally the playground. On a sundial I read the following verse: Time willfly, if you are cheerful; it will drag on, if you are not. “That’s it!” I said to my friend. “There is our programme. Let’s us always be y of good cheer and time will pass quickly.” (BM I, 279)
1868: Death predicted
On October 30, after night prayers, he narrated a dream which was recorded by Father Joachim Berto. “That’s not within my power to grant”…The pallbearer seizes the boy and forces him into the coffin, screws the lid on, and, aided by his companion, bears, him off…(BM IX, 184-185)

1876: Fidelity To The Vocation

At the beginning of the school-year. Don Bosco gave a conference to the professed members, novices. and aspirants and exhorted them to start the year well. Two hundred and twenty-eight people gathered to hear their father talk to them about vocation, from half past five to seven in the evening. Don Bosco said: “…to achieve great things, we must be faithful to ourvocation.The first step requires that we forsake the world, as many of you have already done by putting on the clerical habit… Banish all doubts. As for all of you gathered here, were you to ask me if your vocation is to remain in the Congregation of St. Francis de Sales, I believe that I can answer affirmatively…the mere fact that God led us here and that we followed Him is a clear sign that He Himself opened to us this path of sglvation. Feeling an inclination for the Salesian life is already a sign of vocation…St. Alphonsus used to say, ‘Parents are our soul’s enemies. nd even those es. A who mean well many times by their advice create the greatest selves totally to difficulties for those wishing to dedicate them God… In conclusion I urge all of you – boys, clerics and priests -not to let a single day pass without asking the Lord every earnestly, especially after holy Communion or Holy Mass, for the grace of preserving this beautiful virtue. Always pray for it as for the greatest of favours. Ask fork very insistently while the Eucharistic Jesus is within you. I think I can say that, since the body of Jesus permeates our body and His blood mingles with our blood, nothing unbecoming can happen to us.” (BM xii, 410-414)

1884: First Salesian Bishop

A brief of Leo XIII appointed John Cagliero titular Bishop of Magida. Don Bosco had foretold this event in 1855 to a group of clerics: “One of you will be a bishop.” The episcopal ordination of Cagliero took place on December 7 in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. Turin. (cfr. MB XVII. 288; No. 747) 

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