October 3

1852: Clothing of Michael Rua

On Sunday, October 3 (1852), the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary two boys donned the clerical habit to the great joy of Don Bosco and of all their companions. Father (Anthony) Cinzano, the pastor celebrated the solemn high Mass in the Becchi chapel and performed the investiture ceremony. He blessed the two cas-socks, and then he and Father John Bertagna assisted Joseph Rocchietti and Michael Rua respectively in donning them. At the dinner table, Father Cinzano turned to Don Bosco and exclaimed: “Do you remember what you said to me when you yourself were still a cleric? You said: ‘One day I’ll have clerics, priests, students and artisans, choir boys, and a beautiful church!’ I used to tell you that you were crazy! Now I see that you really knew what you were talking about.” (BM IV, 337-338)

1886: Fraternal Charity

During a spiritual retreat for novices at San Benign°, Don Bosco recommended fraternal charity. He made a very strong plea for charity and exhorted all not to give into criticism. The congregation, he said, would grow in a marvellous way provided the salesians kept faithful to their work of educating poor youth – the very mission entrusted to them by the Madonna. (cfr. MB XVIII, 206)

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