Feast of Blessed Michael Rua (cfr.Index Rua Michael) 1835: Be Hers Entirely

Feast of Blessed Michael Rua (cfr.Index Rua Michael) 1835: Be Hers Entirely

On the eve of John Bosco’s departure for the seminary, his mothercalled him and said these memorable words: “Johny, my son, now you are wearing the clerical habit. Mine is the happiness of a mother whose son has been fortunate. But remember that it is not the habit that brings honor to your state in fe, but only the practice of virtue. Should you ever come to doubt your vocation, for heaven’s sake never, dishonor this cassock! Rather lay your aside. I would sooner have a poor peasant for a son that an unworthy priest. When you were born, I consecrated you to the Blessed Virgin; when you began your studies I told you to be devoted to our heavenly Mother; now I ask you to be hers entirely. Choose your friends among those who love her. And if you will become a priest, spread devotion to her.” “My mother was deeply moved as she spoke and I was in tears. `Mother,’ I replied, “I want to thank you for everything you have said and done for me. You have not spoken in vain, and I shall treasure your words all my life.” (BM 1, 279)

1849: Negro Boys At The Oratory

Father Olivieri, a missionary in Africa, came into contact with Don Bosco. who took some poor negro s boys into the Oratory, recommended by the misionary.
“On October 29, 1. 849, Don Bosco took a young Negro, Alexander Bachit, into his hospice at Valdocco. In successive years he also sheltered other young Negroes ransomed by Father •Olivieri in the slave markets of Alexandria of Egypt. He not only made them good Christians but also treated them with great patience and fatherly affection, realizing their loneliness and homesickness. So we have been told by Father Michael Rua and Father Felix Reviglio. He also interested himself in finding a home for the little Negro girls in an institution of Sisters; some he himself lodged in places where they could live the rest of their lives as good Christians.” (BM III, 399 )

1854: Souls The Sole Concern

On arriving at the Oratory Dominic Savio went to Don Bosco’s room to entrust himself entirely to his superiors. His gaze fell upon a poster containing, in bold lettering, a favourite saying of St. Francis de Sales: Da Milli animas, caetera toile. He read it carefully. Don Bosco, anxious that he should grasp the meaning. asked him to translate it, giving him the necessary help: “Lord, give me souls; take away the rest.” Savio thought for a moment and then exclaimed: “Oh, I see! Here you’re not concerned with money, but with souls. I hope you’ll be concerned with mine, too!” (BM V, 81)

1882: Flame On Malan’s Head

“As Don Bosco was stepping down from the altar, he saw a tiny flame leaving the altar of Our Lady and go to heaven over the g man standing erect nearby. Don head of an unknown young Bosco stopped at th altar rail to watch, and then continued into e e the sacristy where he began hearing the boys’ confessions. When he was done, he walked out into the playground and there, mingling with the boys was Malan … Don Bosco visited the Salesian house at La Navarre where Anthony had gone some three months after his first meeting with Don Bosco… As soon as Don Bosco saw him, he recognized him, he recognized him and exclaimed: “Well, Anthony have you finally come to prison?” “I am in Heaven,” replied Malan. (BM XV, 471-473) Malan later became a missionary and a bishop.
1921: Death of Father Paul Albera (1845-1921)
-1845: born at None (Turin)
-1886: ordained a priest at the Oratory Prefect at the Oratory
-1871: director of Marassi (later transferred to Sampierdarena)
-1881: Provincial of France
he was called “The Little Don Bosco.’
A man of action, above all, of interior life
-1898: Compiled the Director’s Manual (published in 1915)
-1910: Rector Major
-1921: death (cfr. BM XV, 577) 

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