1882: St. John The Evangelist Consecrated

1877: Triduum For School Year

The first triduum in preparation for the scholastic year began. This became an annual feature in every salesian school. On the evening of October 28, Don Bosco announced a new event: the decision taken at the Lanzo meeting to open every school year with a triduum of evening talks. The Oratory chose the three days before the feast of All Saints for this practice. (BM XIII, 345)

1882: St. John The Evangelist Consecrated

This church, the third constructed by Don Bosco, was to be a monument to the memory of his great friend and benefactor Pius IX. At the entrance of the church there is a life-size marble statue of the great Pontiff. Archbishop Gastaldi performed the ceremony. Despite the best of intentions Don Bosco had no chance whatever to meet the archbishop during those few days. They finally met on the morning of October 28, when the archbishop most punctually arrived for the ceremony. Don Bosco was there to receive him with fitting honours. As the archbishop approached Don Bosco, he exclaimed, “Oh! Don Bosco!” and then turned to talk to others. He next donned the vestments, performed the sacred ceremony and departed so quickly that Don Bosco was barely able to escort him to his coach and say goodbye without ever having a chance to talk to him. However, before leaving, the archbishop did tell the diocesan seminarians who had attended the consecration, most of them former Oratory pupils, “Go and assist at Don Bosco’s Mass.” Although Don Bosco warmly requested him to pontificate at least once during the octave, he did not do so. (BM XV, 324)

1887: Debt Of 350,000 Lire!

Father Sala, Economer General of the Society, returned from Rome after examining the financial situation in connection with the construction of the church of the Sacred Heart. He announced to the General Council that there was still a debt of 350,000 lire to be cleared. On hearing this Don Bosco quietly muttered to himself “that means death!” (cfr. MB XVIII, 463)

1931: Death Of Bishop Malan

He was bishop of Petrolina (Brazil). On 29 October 1882, Don Bosco saw a flame coming from the altar of Our Lady and resting on the he of an unknown young man. Later he came to know that it was Malan from Cuneo aged 20. He had come to meet Don Bosco about his missionary vocation. He became a salesian and went to South America as a missionary and worked with Mgr. Lasagna and Father Balzola. Later he became bishop and died in 1931. (BM XV, 469; No.1094) 

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