October 26

1871: Divine Providence in Genoa as well

Father Albera and two clerics were about to leave for Marassi. They called on Don Bosco to say good-bye to him, ask for a kind word and receive his blessing. Father Albera had put aside a little money for initial needs. When Don Bosco asked whether he needed anything, he replied: “No, Don Bosco, thank you. I already have five hundred lire.” “My dear Father,” Don Bosco retorted, “you don’t need that much money. Isn’t Divine Providence in Genoa as well? Have no fear! Divine Providence will look after you. Don’t worry!” And taking a few lire out of his drawer – just enough for the trip – he handed them to him in exchange for the live hundred!… Father Mbera. set out with his two companions, all their posses-sions in one travelling bag. (liNt x, 112)

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