October 24

1850: Vanchiglia oratory

With t he help of Father Louis Fantini, Pastor of annunciation church, the Guardian :kneel Oratory was opened on or about October 24, least of St. Raphael, the archangel. Because of his great devotion to the Guardian Angels, Don Bosco established that this particular feast be solemnly celebrated in BMW Vanehigha every year. The same schedule, system and regulations which had worked so well in St. Francis de Sales and St. Aloysius oratories were in force here in regard to church services, practices of piety, games, and awards. (BM III, 393-394)

1878: Dangers of vacation

At the beginning of the scholastic year, Don Bosco narrated a dream of his which showed the bad influence of vacation on certain boys. The saint saw a flock of lambs out grazing on the nearby meadow. But a storm . came and many sheep could not return to the foldThen came also hailstone and many were wounded. On the sheep-fold Don Bosco could read the word “Oratory” and in the meadow there was a large banner with the word, “Vacation” in tall letters. Don Bosco saw the name of his boys written on the forehead of the sheep. The saint concluded the “Good Night” as follows: “And this was my dream. Even though it is only a dream, it carries a message which will not harm those who accept it. I can also say that, as I matched the names of the lambs’ foreheads with the boys being identified, I could agree that they were really behaving as did the lambs of my dream. Be that as it may, however, let us accept God’s mercy and heal our wounds by a good confession during this novena in honour of All Saints. We are all to be determined to wage war against the devil. With God’s help, we shall win and will one day receive the heavenly crown of victory.” (BM XIII, 587)

1915: Feast of Blessed Guanella (1842-19150)

He belonged to the diocese of Como, but asked to be admitted into the Salesian Society. Fr. Guanella arrived just as the Superiors were coming out of a conference at which it had been decided to accept the missions in (South) America. Meeting him at the door,Don Bosco asked him, “Shall we go to America?” “I, too, would like to found a family of daughters” – he meant to say nuns – answered Father Guanella. “Perhaps another family of sons, too, here in the diocese, as I have already agreed with some confreres of mine.” We have all that here.” said Don Bosco, “We have priests and we have sisters too, and you will always be one of us.” (BM XI, 2) Guanella took part in the first General Chapter (1877) in the capacity of Director of the salesian school and festive oratory at Trinita di Mondovi. 

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