1879: First Clothing At San Benigno

1844: Oratory At The Refuge

As was announced on the previous Sunday, a crowd of boys of various ages and conditions came running down to Valdocco in search of Don Bosco and the new Oratory. Don Bosco told them that the real oratory was not yet ready, that meanwhile they were to come to his room which was large enough W accommodate them. The boys then swarmed up the stairs, each one trying to be the first to enter Don Bosco’s room. They sat on the bed, on the floor, on the desk, and even on the window sill. That Sunday, all went quite well, although they could not give full vent to their high spirits during recreation. Yet, they were satisfied. Don Bosco’s good and kind ways, his jokes and hum ourous stories made up for the tight quarters. (BM II, 192)

1863: Mirabello House

The second salesian house, “The Little Seminary of St. Charles” at Mirabello was opened with Father Rua as Rector and clerics Francis Provera, John Bonetti and Francis Cerruti as his collaborators. The Mirabello school formally opened on October 20, 1863…These young clerics set about their work with admirable zeal. Young though they were, they were imbued – as Don Bosco himself remarked – with an evangelical spirit which, being eternal, prudently moderates a young man’s self-sacrificing enthusiasm…they had to work hard to keep things running smoothly. Their spirit of sacrifice never waned though they had to teach several subjects, constantly supervise the boys, and at times even sweep the building. They did all kinds of chores and were always on duty. (BM VII, 327-328)

1865: Apply The Brush Of Confession

In the first “Good Night” after the vacation, Don Bosco spoke to the boys about confession. “…Possibly you are all dusty and splashed with mud; perhaps some of you have also fallen into the mire and have really gotten dirty. If so, you must scrub yourselves immediately with a brush and make yourselves presentable. You understand very well what kind of mud and brush I mean. All of you, to some extent have committed some fault or sin during your vacation. Some have been covered only by dust, and for these it will be a matter of a moment – all they have to do is brush off a little dust, that is, the little imperfections to which all of us, unfortunately, are subject, and which appear during vacation time more than at any other – and everything will be as right as before. But there might be others who are more or less badly stained; they must not let these stains take root in their heart, instead they should immedi-ately make good resolutions for the more recent a wound, the quicker it can be healed. Apply the brush of confession vigor-ously and everything will be all right.” (BM xi, 428)

1879: First Clothing At San Benigno

On October 20, Don Bosco vested the novices with the clerical habit in a private chapel of their own and fervently encouraged them to grow in virtue. Among those fifty novices, two deserve special mention: Michael Unia, heroic apostle of the lepers, and Philip Rinaldi (now Blessed) Don Bosco’s third successor. (BM XIV, 254)

1887: Last Clothing Ceremony

“On October 20, Don Bosco conducted the clothing-day cer-emony for ninety-four novices at Foglizzo. Count Colle paid for the cassocks.” (BM xv, too) Don Bosco told Don Rua, “Next year I will not be around and you will take my place!” (cfr. CDB, 395)
1887: Don Bosco in ecstasy
Sister Fel icina Torretta, FMA, went to Don Bosco’s room to ask him for a special blessing as she was about to take upon the office of Directress. The saint did not realize her presence in the room as he was wrapped up in ecstasy. After a while he made the sign of the cross and noticed the sister in his room. It is noteworthy that all the while Don Bosco stayed perfectly straight which he was unable do for quite some time. (cfr. MB XVIII, 378)

1951: A Miraculous Cure

Ramon Thus a worker in the port of Bahia Blanca (Argentina) broke his , knee during work. He was in bed for five months and had no hope of recovery. The doctors themselves and his wife advised him to make a novena to the servant of God Zeffirino Namuncura, about whom he had atholic never heard, He promised to take instruction in the C religion in case he got all right. In the night of the eighth day he dreamt that he was taking part in a football match. On the following day he got up, walked to the city and took part in a football game in the same field he had dreamt about.The doctors were surprised. All they coul d do was attest that the cure was miraculous . (Zeffirino Namuncura, 1955, p.106)

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