1936: Father Henry Saiz, Martyr (Spanish)

1854: First Meeting With Dominic Savio

Don Bosco was at Castelnuovo, his native place, for holidays with some Oratory boys. It was there that the saint met the young lad for the first time. Don Bosco himself described this first encounter: Early in the morning of Monday, October 2 (1854) I saw a boy coming toward me with his father… “I am Dominic Savio. My teacher, Father Cugliero, told you about me. We come from Mondonio”…. “We understood each other perfectly. I realized that this boy’s soul was imbued with the spirit of God, but I was somewhat surprised to see the wonderful working of Divine grace in a boy so young…” “What do you say, Father? Will you take me to Turin with you to study?” “Well, you look like good material to me!” “Good material, Father! Good for what?” “Good to make a lovely vestment for Our Lord.” “Then I am the cloth and you must be the tailor. Please take me with you and make me into a beautiful vestment for Him…” “…Yes, I will take you with me to Turin. From now on you are one (Amy boys. Pray with me that God will give us both the grace to do His holy will.” Overjoyed and grateful beyond words, Dominic pressed my hand and repeatedly kissed it, saying: “I will do my best never to cause you any regret!” (BM V, 79-80)

1867: Father Cinzano Cured Of Deafnes

Father Anthony Cinzano in his old age was becoming deaf and he was finding it increasingly difficult to assist the sick and hear confessions. Father A.scanio Savio informed Don Bosco of the situation. He in turn sent word to Father Cinzano to make a novena to Mary Help of Christians and to promise a donation after his cure. Father Cinzano agreed and the miracle took place. …he (Fr. Cinzano) vested and went to the altar for Mass. His young altar boy…shouted the response as usual, but that morning the loud responses irritated the pastor. “What’s wrong with you?” he whispered to the boy. “You don’t have to shout! You are deafening me!” As he went on with the prayers and the server responded more softly but still quite audibly, Father Cinzano realized that he had been cured. “I can hear, I can hear,” he excitedly told the boy… “…I am cured! Mary Help of Christians has answered my prayers.” (BM VIII, 412-413)

1936: Father Alvaro Sanjuan, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 28, salesian for 11 years and a priest for 2 – martyred at Villena, cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. CDB, 379)

1936: Father Henry Saiz, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 47, salesian for 27 years and a priest for 18 _ martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 9, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 379)

1936: Brother Matthew Garolera, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 48, a salcsian for 20 years – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 9, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 380)

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