October 19

1913: Death of Father Varaja

In 1868 Anthony Varaja, then a student at Lanzo, had to leave school because, being an orphan, he was unable to pay the school fee. He had a dream on the eve of his departure. He seemed to find himself in front of Jesus Christ who told him, “Do not he afraid, I will be yourown father (the boy was an orphan), since others have forsaken you. Trust Me.” Kneeling before Him, Varaja replied, “0 Lord, grant me the grace of becoming a priest and a missionary.” Jesus…answered with a smile, “Both one and the other!” The promise was kept. Two years later, Varaja was reaccepted, tuition free. In 1876 he was ordained a priest and then sent to direct the house at Saint-Cyr in France. Eventually, in December 1891, his superiors sent him to the Palestine mission where he ended his days in a saintly manner on October 19, 1913. (BM XII, 288)

1914: Mondonio unwilling to part with their Saint!

Once the process beatification was started, they wanted to exhume the body of Dominic Savio at Mondonio. However, the villagers did not let the commission do their work, as they were unwilling to part with saint.gh it comprised of civil and ecclesiastical authori-ties, had to return home empty-handed.(cfr. CDB, 394) 

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