October 18

1859: Anticlerical Newspaper against Don Bosco

At about the same time, Don Bosco realized that he too was a target of the anticlericals. They knew how unshakably loyal he was to the Pope: Lerma! Cattoliche made this quite evident. I knee they secretly decided to start their hostilities against him and his work by disparaging hisSloriad’halia (History of Italy). On October 18, 1859 an article of LaGazzettadelPopolo laid the basis of a painful persecution that afflicited Don Bosco the 1 of year. The caustic, venomous article was a de facto intimation to civil authorities (to ban Don Bosco’s Storiad’ ltalia form in all public schools)….Its very many articles against Don Bosco in later years were always punctuated with taunts, insults, and lies; it recognized nothing good in him and did not even have the decency of announcing his death. And this very paper which consistently falsified ancient and modern history to vent its hatred of religion had the impudence to accuse Don Bosco of having deliberately distorted certain incidents of Italian history. (BM VI, 156)

1863: Prediction fulfilled

On Sunday evening, October 18, (Dominic) Belmonte, Felix Alessio and Angelo Nasi solemnly received the clerical habit From Don Bosco… “It was a great consolation,” she (Belmonte’s Don Bosco, “b mother) remarked with emotion to “but don’t think I’ll he here for his First Mass…” lied, Similingly Don Bosco rep “Do not fear! You’ll not y p on he resent at his First Mass, but you will even go to confession to him”…this prediction seemed strange and downright impossible; yet on September 18, 1870, Bel monic, while still at Mirahello was ordained a priest and his mother, beside herself with joy, was present at her son’s First Mass…the first part of Don Bosco’s prophecy had come true…Then in 1878, while he was director of the Salesian school at Borgo San Martino, his mother suddenly fell grievously ill…Summoned by telegram, Father Belmonte hastened to her bedside…the pastor was not at home and could not be reached. “Well then,” she said to her son, “you will have to hear me!” She made her confession and passed away shortly afterward. To his astonishment, Father Belmonte recalled the second part of Don Bosco’s prediction. It too had been unexpectedly fulfilled, as Father Belmonte himself repeatedly told us.” (BM VII, 325-326) 

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