October 14

1878: Prediction of future renown

Don Bosco was most certainly in Turin on October 14, 1878. Yet that very day an unknown French-speaking priest who refused to give his name was the guest of Adele Clement at Saint-Rambert d’Albon…Giving in to the lady’s insistent questions as to his identity, he replied, “A few years from now my name will be printed in books, and these books will come into your hands. Then you will know who I am.” The lady’s husband, an oil and coal merchant had brought the priest home with him while returning from Chanas (in his cart)…He accepted the invitation and during the meal listened sympathetically as the woman recited her woes, the worst of them being that as a consequence of a sudden illness, her infant son had become blind, deaf and dumb…The priest then told her, “Keep praying, madam, and your prayer will be answered”… (And he left) The women ran out to her husband. Quickly they harnessed the horses and raced after him, certain that they would soon catch up with him, but they could not find him…Imagine their surprise when …the nurse told them that a priest had called and had cured their child…The parents realized from their calcu-lation that the very moment the priest had left their house he had entered the nurse’s home…
(Later)…a person who had seen the priest healing the infant, and clearly remembered his features, showed them a book on Don i Bosco containing his picture, saying, “This is the priest who healed your child!” Undeniably it was Don Bosco, and the parents recognized him immediately. (BM )(Iv, 552-554 passim)

1884: Our Lady’s mass daily

Because of his weak eye-sight Don Bosco obtained an indult allowing him to celebrate daily the votive Mass of Our Lady or the Mass for the dead according to the liturgy of the day. (cfr. MB XVII, 207) 

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