1844: Dream Of Nine Renewed

1844: Dream Of Nine Renewed

“…I dreamed that I was in the midst of amultitude ofwolves,goats, kids, lambs, sheep, rams, dogs and birds. The whole menagerie raised an uproar…I wanted to run away, when a Lady, dressed as a shepherdess, beckoned me to follow Her and accompany the strange flock She was leading. We wandered aimlessly, making three stops along the way, at each of which many of those animals changed into lambs, so that the number of lambs continually increased…A short distance away, I came upon a large play-ground surrounded by porticoes, with a church at one end. Here I noticed that four fifths of those animals had become lambs…many young shepherds came to watch over them, but they remained only a short time and walked off. Then a marvellous thing happened: many lambs turned into shepherds…the Shepherdess asked me to look to the south…I did so and beheld a monumental church. In the choirloft I saw choristers and musicians who seemed to be inviting me to sing Mass. On a white streamer inside he church there was emblazoned in large letters HIC DOMUS MEA, INDE GLORIA MEA (Here is my house and hence my glory will come forth)…`You will understand everything,’ She answered, ‘when with your bodily eyes you will behold all that you now see in your mind’…” (BM II, 190.191)

1917: Tomb Reopened

At the end of the diocesan process for the beatification and canonization of Don Bosco, his tomb was opened once again in the presence of Cardinal Caglicro, Father Albera, Superior General and the members of the General Council. It was opened earlier on 3 September 1904. (cfr. CDB, 391)

1955: Death Of Alexandrina-Maria Da Costa

Alexandrina, a Portuguese cooperator, died at the age of 51. When she was 15 she jumped from a window 4m high to escape being molested. Her backbone was affected and the infection that set in was the beginning of a life of suffering that lasted for 36 years. She suffered everything for sinners. For fifteen years her only sustenance was the holy communion which she was receiving in the morning. She suffered in particular for salesian novices and for youth. Some 20,000 people took part in her funeral. (“Boll. Sal.” 1956, p.70) 

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