October 12

1862: Pray for dying schoolmates

During the annual outing Don Bosco asked the boys to pray for a companion of theirs dying far away at the Oratory. “Don Bosco had told us to pray for Our dying schoolmate at o’clock the night before. 0f course, no mail was delivered du the night.. Yet the next morning at five, when we were in the chapel for morning prayers, Don Bosco, before vesting for Mass, turned to face us, as he had done the night before, and said, ‘Let us say a De Profundis for the soul of the boy who died last night at the Oratory.’ The following day, Tuesday, a letter came from Father Alasonatti, announcing the death which had occurred as Don Bosco foretold.” (BM VII, 167)

1863: Rua rector of Mirabello

Father Rua, 26 years old, left for Mirabello in the company of his mother, as the Rector of the new House. The house was formally opened on October 20. Don Bosco gave him some advice, which was later revised and given to every new salesian Rector. (cfr. BM VII, 315ff) 

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