1887: Cured Of Mental Illness

1827: The Entertainment Of A Priest

Twelve-year-old Johny Bosco met cleric Cafasso for the first time at Morialdo. It was the second Sunday of October, 1827, the feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin, the main annual festival of Morialdo. Many were engaged in various chores connected with the festival, others were watching or enjoying the games or other past-times. I noticed one person only not taking part in the various amusements. He was a young seminarian…I went up to him and asked: “Would you like to watch some of the games going on? I’d be happy to show you around…” …”My young friend,” the young cleric answered, “a priest finds his entertain-ment in church services.The better they are performed, the more he enjoys them. Our amusements and our devotions that never grow stale, should always be diligently attended. I am just waiting for the church to open so that I may go in.” (BM 1,139-140)

1860: Diplomat’s Death Predicted

On October 11 (1860) Premier Count Camillo Cavour had declared in Parliament: “Our goal is to make the Eternal City – glorified by twenty centuries of history – the splendid capital of the kingdom of Italy.” Sorrowfully Don Bosco realized that the revolution would not be sated until it had stripped the Pope •of his last piece of territory. One evening, shortly after Cavour’s declaration, with no allusion to the man, Don Bosco declared that in the coming year, 1861, a great, famous diplomat would die an •inexplicable and totally unexpected death, and that all Europe vent. (BM 457) would speak of it as a most grave e In fact Cavour died on 6th June 1861.

1887: Cured Of Mental Illness

A mental patient was brought to Don Basco. The sick perms used to have lucid intervals during which he was fully conscious. The saint advised those concerned to bring hack the patient for his Mass and that he would pray for him. He was able to attend Mass and even receive holy communion. In fact after Mass he said that he felt fully cured. Don Bosco too assured the lady who accompained the patient that he was cured . (cfr. MB XVIII. 458)
1936: Brother Angel Ramos, Martyr (Spanish)
aged 60. salesian for 39 years martyred at Sarria. cause introduced on December 15, 1953. (cfr. 389)

1955: Diocesan Process Concluded

The conclusion of the diocesan process for the beatification and canoni-zation of 33 salesian martyrs of the Marxist Revolution (1936-39), was held in the Chapel of the archbishop of Valenza.The ceremony was presided over by salesian archbishop Olaechea and attended by the relatives of the martyrs. (cfr. “Boll. Sal.” 1955, p.450)

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