1851: King’s Contribution

1851: King’s Contribution

Don Bosco wrote a letter to Victor Emmanuel I asking fora subsidy for the church of St. Francis of Sales. Marquis Pampar wrote to the saint on this day informing him of the king’s contribution of 1000 lire. “I am pleased to inform you that on October 5, I had the honour of presenting your letter to His Majesty. He graciously wishes to contribute one thousand lire toward the building of a church adjacent to your institute…” (BM IV, 224)

1862: Lasagna’s Future Indicated

The Vicar of Montemagno brought four boys to Don Bosco. They all wanted to go to Turin with the saint. Don Bosco said: “I can say nothing about the other three boys, but I am sure that this little redhead (Lasagna) will turn out well. All the boys were admitted to the Oratory as students.” (BM VII, 166)

1884: A Vicar For Don Bosco

Don Bosco dreamt that he was in audience with Leo XIII. The Holy Father advised him regarding the acceptance of new members. That very night a letter came to Cardinal Alimonda, Archbishop of Turin, in which the Pope expressed his desire to have a Vicar appointed for Don Bosco with the right of succession. (cfr. MB XVII, 273)

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