November 8

1873: Sins written on the foreheads

At the “Good Night” on November 11, 1873, Don Bosco narrated a dream he had had on November 8 and 10. We give it in Father Berta’s version: I dreamed that I was visiting the dormitories…. a stranger (said) “Come and let me show you something!” I followed him as he went from bed to bed and kept raising the lamp so that I could see each boy’s face, I looked carefully and saw each boy’s sins written on his forehead….I jotted everything in my notebook. While going down the long aisle, my guide turned to a corner where, to my great joy, we saw a large number of boys whose faces and foreheads were as white and clean as snow. A little further, however, the stranger marked out one boy whose face was marred with black spots; as we went on, I saw many others in the same condition..I heard a loud noise coming from a corner, “Who died?” I asked my guide. “The one with the black spots.- (BM X, 59-60)

1915: Death of Father Charles Viglietti

He was the last secretary of Don Bosco and hence an important source for the Biographical Memoirs of the saint, especially for the last years of his life. (Mortuary letter)

1936: Cleric Manuel Martin, Martyr (Spanigh)

aged 32, a saleskin for 11 years martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on Octotle 9 1956 (cfr.BM. 424)

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