November 5

1829: Meeting with Father Calosso

Father Calosso was getting on in years and was now in semi-retirement as chaplain at Morialdo. After listening to the missionaries at Buttigliera d ‘Asti, the old priest was on his way back. He met a curly-haired youngster who walked silently in the crowd and promised him four soliii if he could say something of the sermons of the day. John Bosco could repeat every sermon in its entirety. Knowing of the boy’s desire to become a priest and the difficulties he encountered, the good priest decided to help him. “Don’t worry. I’m going to take care of you and of your studies. Tell your mother to come here with you for a few minutes next Sunday evening to talk about this and we shall make our plans.” It was agreed that Father Calosso would teach John once a day and the boy would spend the rest of the time working in the fields to please his brother Anthony. But as soon as Anthony learned of his mother’s decision, he flew into a rage. He calmed down only when he heard that the lessons would not begin until after the summer, when most of the farm work would be over. (BM 1, 135)

1847: First harmonium for Pinardi chapel

To keep his pupils on key and to accompany (outdoors) their hymns in honour of Our Lady, he bought a twelve-lire accordion in July, 1847. Then on November 5, 1847, for a mere thirty-live lire he bought a small harmonium for the Pinardi Chapel….For countless years it had probably been moved on feast days from one country chapel to another. (BM III, 98) 

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