November 4

1849: Multiplication of chestnuts

One Sunday after All Saints’ Day in 1849(probably November 4), at the close of the Exercise for a Happy Death, Don Bosco took all his boys, boarders and non-borders, to the cemetery to pray for the souls of the departed. He promised them chestnuts on their return to Valdocco. Mamma Margaret had bought three bags, but she cooked only a small amount, thinking it would be enough…. Don Bosco set himself there and began to dole out the chestnuts…filling every boy’s cap quite generously. Buzzetti became worried, “What are you doing, Don Bosco?” he cried. “We don’t have enough for everybody. If you keep this up, there won ‘t be enough for even half of the boys” ….he said. “I promised the boys chestnuts and I have to keep my word” ….When the last boy had received his share, a loud shout broke out in unison: “Don Bosco is a saint!” To commemorate this wondrous event, Don Bosco prescribed that chestnuts he distributed to the boys on the eve of All Saints ever afterwards. (BM III, 404-406)

1886: Clothing of Beltrami

Don Bosco presided over the ceremony of the clothing of about twenty novices at Foglizzo. Venerable Beltrami was one of those who received the cassock on that occasion. (cfr. MB XVIIII, 248)

1956: Diocesan process at Seville

The diocesan process for the beatification of 22 salesian martyrs was concluded in the Cathedral. They were the victims of the Red Revolution (1936-39). Father Bellido of the General Council, The Procurator General and the Procurator General and others were present. (cfr. “Boll.Sal.” 1956, p.406)

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