November 28

1854: State funerals at court

The law of confiscation of ecclesiastical goods was being; discussck1 in the parliament. A few days earlier Don Bosco had a dream. lie seemed to be standing by the pump near the wall of the Pinardi house… Suddenly a red-coated valet appeared, rushed to Don Bosco, and said aloud. “News! News!… Make this :iiiiiounconent A state funeral at court!” Don Bosco was shocked by the sudden apparition and cry. The valet repeated: “A state funeral at Court!” Don Bosco wanted more information, but the valet vanished…. Five days later, Don Bosco had allot het (II emu I I c seemed to he writing at his desk when he heard a horse’s Inocillwats in the playground. Suddenly the door Hew open and aiy,ain the red coated valet appeared. He strode into the middlc of the room and exclaimed: “Make this announcement: Not one state funeral at court, but state funerals at court!”… At dawn Don Bosco personally wrote to the king. He informed him of his second dream and begged him to oppose that bill at all costs and save himself from the threatened punishments. (BM v, 115-116) The court theologians advised the King that it was quite correct to sign the law, which the king did on May 29th (1855). The deaths foretold by Don Bosco were:Maria Teresa, mother of victor Emmanuel II (+ January 12, 1855)
Maria Adelaide, Queen of Sardegna
(+ January 20, 1855)
Prince Ferdinand of Savoy (+ February 11, 1855) Prince Victor Emmanuel Leopold (4 months, + May 17, 1855)

1854: War against sin

On November 28, 1876, Don Bosco spoke as follows after night prayers. I can still recall, as though it were today, the cheerful, angel like face of Dominic Savio. How obliging, how good he was! The day before the Immaculate Conception novena began, he came to see me, and we had a conversation …. (Dominic said) “First, I want to make a general confession of my whole life to prepare my soul. Then I intend to carry out perfectly the daily nosegays given each evening during the novena. Third, during the novena my conduct will be such that I can receive Holy Communion every day… Yes, there is something else… I want to fight a war to the death against mortal sin… I want to pray ever so much to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to Our Lord that they will let me die sooner than allow me to fall into even a venial sin against modesty.” (BM XII, 419)

1861: Devils among the boys

On November 28, Don liosco spoke to the boys as follows: We dream when we sleep. Therefore, while I was sleeping, [mind myself’ in church with all the boys. As Mass began, many reel–robed, horned devils began circulating among the boys, trying to catch their attention with toys, hooks, delicacies, scenes of home, and whatever each boy had a particular liking for. Every lad had a little devil at his side trying to distract him from the Mass. Little devils were perched on some boy’s shoulders, petting and stroking them. As the hell signalled the Elevation, the boys bowed their heads and the devils disappeared. However, those lads who had devils on their shoulders turned their backs to the altar instead of adoring. After the Elevation, every devil was hack at his _job…. (BM VI, 627)

1864: Associate with diligent students

Don Bosco spoke in the “Good Night” on studies, the fifth talk of the series.
A fifth means to acquire knowledge is to associate with diligent students. This is the best way to make progress in your studies. During recreation periods, mingle with the clerics or your more learned classmates and ask them to clarify something you are studying…. Do the same on your weekly walks, instead of wasting your time with some foolish companions._ Idle and trivial conversation is not only utterly useless, but it also makes one light-minded and half-hearted. If you want to become learned, associate with those who are learned. (HM VII, 482)

1936: Cleric Gltisto (lanes, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 24, a salesian for 4 years – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 9, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 445)

1936: Brother Valentine Gil, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 39, a salesian for 20 years – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 9 1956. (cfr. CDB, 445) ,

1936: Brother Anastasius Garzen, Martyr (Spanish)

– aged 28,a salesian for 7 years – martyred at Madrid, cause introduced on October 9, 1956. (cfr. CDB, 446)

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