November 27

1864: Gluttony kills more than the sword

A fourth means to acquire knowledge… Do vou want to learn? rhen do not live to eat, but eat to live. Take a light breakfast and a light afternoon snack. Do not sluff yourselvcs. If you have tidbits in your locker, do not lct gluttony tempt you to eat them all at once. Do not gorge yourselves up to your cars; leave some for the next day and you will feel better. I am not telling you this for my own good. I know very well that if you eat one roll less at breakfast, you will eat three at lunch. When your stomach is overloaded, your minds get foggy, you feel listless and sleepy, and you cannot pay attention to your teachers or concentrate on your lessons. And if you make an effort to apply yourselves, it’s even worse,.. You’ll get a headache that will knock you out for a few days. Sometimes you may even get a had stomach-ache. Ow VII. 482)

1957: Conclusion of the diocesan process

At Madrid (Spain) the diocesan process for the beatification of 42 salesian martyrs was concluded. They were the victims of the Marxist Revolution. 1936-1939. The meeting was presided over by the bishop of Madrid. (cfr. “Boll.Sal.”1958, p.58) 

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