November 26

1864: Do not postpone Confession

On November 29, the first day of the Immaculate Conception novena, instead of giving the first of the nosegays he had prepared, Don Bosco announced that John Baptist Saracco of Alba, sixteen, had died on November 26 at Lingotto, a Turin suburb. His death ful filled Don Bosco’s prediction (of November 15). (i3m VII, 482) Before the boys left the Oratory, Don Bosco insistently advised him to make his confession. Saracco replied that he would do it in his parish church. But when he took ill seriously two days later at home, no priest was available and the boy died without making his confession. However, he had kissed die crucifix and recomendtd himself with short invocations lo the Mewl! Virgin.

1871: Official entry of Archbishop Gastaldi

Archbishop Gastaldi chose to enter the archdiocese officially on Sunday, November 26. From Porta Nuova he made his way privately to St.Philip Neri’s where priests, confraternities, religious associations, and dignitaries were assembled to escort him processionally to the cathedral … having entered the cathedral processionally, the archbishop mounted the pulpit and delivered a homily, ..His appointment, he said, had been an unexpected act of Divine Providence, free of all human choice. The Holy spirit alone had set him at the head of the Turin diocese. So heavily did he stress this, that all in the know could not help remarking, as Canon (Michael) Sorasio himself told us later, “Things look had for Don Bosco, bad indeed!” (BM x, 124-125) This was the beginning of a ten-year period of untold sufferings and difficulties for Don Bosco. God warned his servant about it. He dreamt that not withstanding the heavy rains, Don Bosco was forced to go out to the city. Passing near the archbishop’s house, he saw archbishop Gastaldi too come out in the rains. The saint advised him not to go out as the weather was very bad. But the archbishop asked the saint to mind his own business. After a few steps Mgr.Gastaldi fell down soaking his episcopal robes in mud and water. But he got up promptly and continued his journey. This happened four times. Then he fell a fifth time. but was unable to get up. (cfr. MB XVI, 98) 

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