November 22

1854: Clothing of Cagliero

After a grave illness in August, Cagliero went home for convalescence. After a gravellness There he had a relapse and was again on the point of death but On November 21st, 1854, fully recovered, Cagliero left for the Oratory. The following day, the least of St. Cecilia, Don Bow blessed Caglicro’s clerical habit and invested his beloved son. (BM V. 71)

1857: Sermon in an Inn

After the feast of St.Cecilia (November 22), Don Bosco started his journey to Salicetto-Lanche in the diocese of Mondovi to preach a parish mission. At Mondovi he had to wait for seven hours to catch the connecting coach for Ceva. Hence he sat at one of the Inn tables and started writing a sermon. Some of the guests kept whispering: “Look, that priest must be writing his Sunday sermon!” Don Bosco said ’11 you’d like, I’ll deliver it to you now!” With out further ado, Don Bosco began telling them in plain language of the importance of living in the state of grace, of saving one’s soul, and of going to confession. He held their attention with smiles, dialogue, and examples. Little by little the crowd grew larger and larger until the dining room was full… It was now about seven O’clock. The lady of the house came up to him and asked: “Would you like something to eat?”… Before eating, Don Bosco made the sign of the Cross and said grace, to the amazement of the onlookers who apparently had never seen that practice before. Noticing their surprise, Don Bosco …. said grace, to the amazement of the onlookers who apparently had never seen that practice before. Noticing their surprise, Don Bosco promptly remarked: “What’s so strange about my making the sign of the Cross and saying grace? I’m a priest, and I’m on my way to give a retreat. It’s only right that 1 should start setting a good example.” (BM V. 504)

1877: lie is my second

Don Bosco was at lunch in the Salesian house of Borgo San Martino. Among the guests there was also Mgr. Fern of Casale. In 1877 it was held on November 22. A young man of 22, Philip Rinal di. had been invited and was sitting with other guests a little way from Don Bosco at a table honoured by the presence of Bishop Peter Ferre of Casale. The conversation turned to Father Albera and his initial problem with the priests of his parish and with Archbishop David Riccardi, who had done his utmost to draw him away from Don Bosco after high school. Bishop Felre listened attentively to Don Bosco and asked whether Father Albera had won out. “Certainly!” Don Bosco replied. “He is my second….” Abruptly, as he spoke, he brushed his hand over his forehead, as one does when organizing his thoughts and choosing his words. None of the guests at the table noticed either his words or his gesture, but Philip Rinaldi, well acquainted with the Salesians, began to wonder. Father Albera, he thought, was not the second person to enter the congregation, nor was he second in position or even a member of the superior chapter, and he was not the Congregation’s second director. Could Don Bosco mean that he would be second in the line of succession? His conclusion he kept to himself, awaiting confirmation with time. (BM XIII, 350) 

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