November 20

Martyrs Octavius, Solutor and Adventor (feast)

They belonged to the Theban Legion and fought under Maximian and were martyred. The vast stretch of land extending from the city gates to the Dora River, was in ancient times known by the name of Vallis or vallum occisorum, the valley of the slain, and nowpopularly known by the first threes yllables, Vald’ occo, possibly with reference to the three martyrs who were killed there. Our Lady herself pointed out the spot where a Church was to he built: Then She took me closer, to a field that was tilled and that lay almost opposite the facade of this new church. “In this place,” She added, “where the glorious martyrs of Turin, Adventor and Octavius, suffered martyrdom, on these clods soaked and sanctified by their blood, I wish that God be honoured in a very special manner.” So saying, She put out Her foot and pointed to the exact spot where the martyrs had fallen. I wanted to leave a marker (BM II, 233)

1861: Advice from superior only

Don Bosco spoke about doubts regarding vocation. “Should the devil tempt anyone to leave the Congregation, and should anyone feel uneasy on that account, let him seek counsel neither from outsiders who, being uniformed, may advise against God’s will, nor from those who – in modern terms – are rather `liberal’. Let the advice come from those who are more fervent and zealous. In other words, let him seek advice from his superior. Ask God first to make you discern His will, and then be assured that the superior will advise what is best for your soul ” (BM VI, 626)

1938: Beatification of Maria Mazzarello

The Co-foundress of the Institute of the Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, was beatified on this day. (cfr. MB XIX, 385)

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