1851: There Is Always Room For Boys

1851: There Is Always Room For Boys

Don Bosco returned to Valdocco from Castelnuovo with another boy, John Cagliero. Later, John himself described the event. “Don Bosco introduced me to his mother, saying, “Mamma, here is a small boy from Castelnuovo. He wants to become really good and go to school.” Mamma Margaret replied, “You’re always bringing in boys when you know very well that we have no more room.” “Oh,you’ll find a little corner for him,” replied Don Bosco smiling.”In your own room, perhaps,”she replied. “That won’t be necessary,” continued Don Bosco, He’s so small he can sleep in the grissini (Breadsticks) basket. We could hoist it to a beam just like a birdcage.” Laughing at the remark, Mamma Margaret left the room to rind a place for me. That night another boy and I slept at the foot of Don Bosco’s bed.” (BM IV, 202-203)

1862: Gentle Reprimand

Don Bosco and Father Savio lost their way one rainy night and knocked at the door of a country parish priest. Not recognizing Don Bosco, the priest received them rather coldly and told them that he could give them only cheese and bread for supper and that he had no spare beds. The priest in the mean time asked the saint whether he knew Don Bosco of Turin. Father Savio was all the while enjoying the fun. When finally when Father Savio revealed Don Bosco’s identity the parish priest was all apology and gave Don Bosco and his companion a good spread. However, before leaving, the saint told the priest: “…Let’s learn from everything that happens to us. If we have nothing, we can give nothing; but if we have a little, let’s give a little. If we have much, let’s give accordingly. In all cases, let charity be our guide, for ultimately it will he to our advantage.” (BM VII, 183)

1893: Grigio

One night two Daughters of Mary Help of Christians were returning from Assisi back to Carrara. They lost their way and one of the sisters remarked: “I wish Don Bosco would send us his Grigio!” She had hardly completed the phrase when a big dog came out of the hush and accompanied them to their house and then disappeared as mysterioulsy as it had come! (cfr. MB XVI. 36) 

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