November 18
1845: Last letter
1876: Headache transferred

1845: Last letter:

After being chased away from the church yard of St.Peter-in-Chains, Don Bosco got permission from the city Hall to use the Mills Church and the inner courtyard for his Oratory. Within months an official of the mills wrote to the City Hall complaining that it was impossible for the millers and their families to do their work or enjoy any quiet. He even went so far as to say that such a mob of boys was a hot bed of immorality. This letter was dated 18 November. Accordingly the City Council issued an order forcing Don Bosco to shift his Oratory from the city mill premises. However, “not all the enemies of the Oratory were able to enjoy their victory. That letter was the very last one for that mill official, for, as soomas he finished it, violent tremors seized his right hand. He had to resign, and three years later he went to his grave. Ironically, his little orphaned son was later given shelter by Don Bosco at the Oratory of St.Francis de Sales in Valdocco. Charity is kind and receives all equally.” (BM II, 263)

1876: Headache transferred

“On his return, either from Rome to Genoa or from Genoa to Turin, poor Don Bosco was afflicted with a very painful headache, just as he needed time to concentrate on important matters. When his companion, Father Sala, became aware of it, he begged him in all simplicity and sincerity to have the pain passed on to him. `If you really want it,’ Don Bosco answered, ‘then take it.’ Immediately a throbbing headache afflicted Father Sala and Don Bosco was totally relieved.” (BM XII, 387)

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