November 16

1866: Immediate cure

On November 16th, Don Bosco had to meet a payroll of four thousand lire. After begging the whole morning Father Rua managed to collect 1000 lire only. In the afternoon, after some aimless wandering about, Don Bosco found himself in the region of Ports Nome. To hissurpose a liveriedry seant came up to him.
“…My master is very ill and asks you top ay him a visit. He very much wants to see you .. he is quite rich and very generous. He could help you build your new church.” -Wonderful!” When Don Bosco went in, he was met by a lady who exclaimed in tears, “Oh, Don Bosco, we have been waiting ever so long for you. …I would have done anything for Her new church, but now it’s too late; he is almost at the end. That’s what the doctors told me after a consultation the other day.”… “In that case, if you are willing to help our Lady’s cause, I will try to have your husband cured by Our Lady”… Moments later Don Bosco was ushered into the patient’s room. … “Don Bosco,” he exclaimed… “three years, Father! Three long years of atrocious pain! I can’t move at all, and the doctors give me no hope!..” “I am badly in need of three thousand lire…. “Just get me a little respite from my pain, Father, and by the end of this month I will oblige.” “But I need the money this very day.” “Today? …I would have to go to the hank….” “And why not?” “But, Father, it’s impossible!” … Not for God”… He led them in prayer…. blessed the patient… and directed that the patient be given his clothes moments the former patient was dressed… walked down four flights of stairs, got into his carriage, and later jubilantly returned from the bank with the three thousand lire….” (BMW’, 22K-210 passim)

1883: Five Prelates

A Vicariate and a Prefecture Apostolic were erected in the salesian mission of Patagonia . Father Cagliero and Father Fagnano were the first Vicar and Prefect. (cfr. MB XVI, 377; No.582)

1885: Sufferings

Don Bosco saw in a dream a crowd of people who told him to make a way of the cross with his personal example. Probably it was an allusion to the physical and moral sufferings of his last years. (cfr. MB XVIII, 27)

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