November 15

1864: Prediction of death

…at the ‘Good Night’ on November 15,…He (Don Bosco) added that one of them would be summed into eternity before the end of the year, and he exhorted them to prepare themselves so as to have no reason to fear death, should it surprise them. (BM VII, 480)

1865: Perpetual Profession

On November 15, in the presence of all the members of the Salesian Society, Fathers Michael Rua, Cagliero, John Baptist Francesia, Charles Ghivarello and John Bonetti, the clerics Henry Bonetti and Peter Racca and the laymen Joseph Gaia and Dominic Rossi took perpetual vows in the presence of Father John Bosco, rector. Afterward, he briefly addressed the group, stressing that no one should take vows to please a superior, to get an education or for any other human motive, not even to be of service to the Society, but exclusively for the salvation of his own soul and the souls of others. (BM VIII, 126)

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