November 14

1875: Farewell in the ship

After mass on November 14, they set out for the harbour, Don Bosco too went on board the ship, Savoie with his sons, Cap. Guidard was most courteous and escorted Don Bosco and his sons, the 10 missionaries on a tour of the ship and in particular the quarters assigned to them. Coadjutor Molinari sat down at a piano and intoned Lodale Maria, and the singing attracted many passengers: “Father Cagliero seized this opportunity to inaugurate his apostolic preaching mission with a short sermon… he thought it only proper at the start of such a long voyage to invoke the protection of her (Our Lady) who is known as Star of the Sea and their safeguard. He also said that everyone would have the opportunity for Mass, confession and communion during the trans-Atlantic crossing… At 11 A.M. the signal was given for all visitors and guests to go ashore… Then Don Bosco gathered them about him, gave them his last paternal instructions, and blessed them.” (BM XI, 367)

1885: Bishop wanted to be a salesian

Don Bosco welcomed Mgr. Sogaro, Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa. Thep relate wanted to become a salesian and then take a few confreres to his mission. The hour of Africa had not yet come and the Bishop’s plan fell through. (cfr. MB XVII, 508)

1887: First Salesian House in England

According to the desire of Leo XIII Don Bosco sent three salesians to Battersea, England. On that occasion he told them: “The house of London will be one of the important houses of the Society.” The salesians were received in England by abbot Bourne, the future Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster. He too had once the desire to become a salesian! (cfr. MB XVIII, 454) 

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