November 13

Feast of Blessed Luigi Versiglia and Blessed Callisto Caravario
(cfr. No.164 and 165)

1863: Demon of impurity

November 13:…Let me tell you a dream I had last night. “I was with you in the playground I spotted an unguarded pit in the center of the meadow and hastened over to make sure it was safe. As I looked into I saw a short, yell p nto it, ow-sotted, mean-looking serpent coiled at the bottom. It seemed as huge as a horse or even an elephant. I leaped back in fright… Meanwhile, a good number of you began jumping over the pit._ I noticed that while the younger boys were leaping over it nimbly the older ones, being heavier, often clumsily landed on the very edge. Each time this happened the serpent would strike out, nip its victim’s foot, leg o,r other part of his body, and quickly drop out of sight… one lad fell into the pit. Moments later he was spewed out, black as coal, though still breathing and able to speak…” The pit is the one mentioned in Holy Scripture: … a deep ditch… a narrow pit…. (Prov.23,27), the pit of destruction…Vs 54,24) In it lies the demon of impurity, as St. Jerome tells us in his eleventh homily on St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians.” (BM VII, 333-334)

1875: Recommendations to Cagliero

On the eve of the departure of the missionaries Don Bosco gave some written recommendations to Father Cagliero, the leader of the group: 1. Take good care of the health and moral conduct of all, and make sure they get sufficient rest… 12… Do the best you can; God will do what we cannot do. Leave everything to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and to Mary Help of Christians and you will realize what miracles are.. (BM XI, 369)

1884: Cagliero made Bishop

Don Bosco announced to the General Council, the appointment of Cagliero as Bishop. The episcopal ordination tookplace on 7 December. (cfr. XvIl, 288)

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