November 10

1865: Perpetual profession

On November 10, 1865, in the presence of Father John Bosco, Rector, Father John Cagliero and Father Charles Ghivarello, witnesses Father John Baptist Lemoyne made the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience in perpetuity in accordance with the prescribed ritual. (BM VIII, 126) This was the first perpetual profession made in the Society.

1868: Prediction of death

On November 10, Don Bosco announced: “…Exercise for a Happy Death will be held on Thursday. Let us strive to do it well, because it well be the very last one for one of us.” (BM IX, 189)

1878: Death of Father Gamarra

When Don Bosco was sick at Varazze many boys at the Oratory offered their life to have Don Bosco’s life spared. Among these was Louis Gamarra of Lombriasco who informed Enna of the offer they had made of their lives….Enria made the cess: “God seems to following statement in the Informative Pro have granted his prayer. for he died in my arms just a few yeas later…, scarcely one year after his ordination.” (BM X, 137)

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