1860: Future Bishop

1851: Cagliero Accepted In The Oratory

On November 1, 1851, Don Bosco accepted another boy whose father had died only a few days before. His name was John Cagliero; he was to leave an undying memory in the annals of the Oratory. That year, on All Saints’ Day Don Bosco was expected in Castelnuovo to give sermon commemorating the faithful departed… (boy) Cagliero was already in the sacristy, anxious to earn the right to escort the preacher to the pulpit… After he was back in the sacristy, Don Bosco turned to his altar boy and with a kind smile said to him, “I think you want to tell me something very important, don’t you?” “Yes,” replied the boy, blushing fiercely. “I want to tell you something that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I want to come to Turin with you to study to become a priest.” “Very well, you shall come along with me,” Don Bosco said. (BM IV, 200-201)

1860: Future Bishop

Don Bosco replied to a group of clerics and boys who asked him about their future: “Two of you will turn out bad and cause me great sorrow, others will become good priests, and others will be good, devout laymen.” Then, waving his hand in a circular motion above their heads, he added, “And one of you will be a bishop.” (BM VI, 458)

1875: Missionaries With The Pope

On All Saints’ Day they were honoured by a special audience with the Holy Father. His Holiness first received Comm endatore Gazzolo and Father Cagliero, who conveyed to him the deep gratitude of the Salesians for the many favours he had extended to their young Congregation; he also told the Pope how all Don Bosco’s sons were affectionately attached to his august person. The Pope listened with paternal kindness; then, after granting the spiritual favours Father Cagliero had requested he hastened towards the hall where the little group of Salesians were waiting, showing a certain eagerness to meet them. (BM XI, 351)

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